Watsuki says that there is no model in terms of design; he describes Takeda Kanryū as a "carryover" of Nishiwaki, a character in the second standalone Rurouni Kenshin story. is an elite group of swordsmen (mostly) that acts as a special attack force. After Sanosuke defeats Fudōsawa, Sanosuke goes to Tani's residence, defeating the Hiruma brothers, who act as Tani's bodyguards, before injuring Tani. Watsuki described Hyottoko as "the guy who makes a big entrance and then gets just as spectacularly beaten." Around the same time he wondered if it would "even be interesting" for Kenshin to fight a giant. ), at Jūgaku Temple in Ezo, now Hokkaidō. For Henya's design Watsuki used the bat as a model; he added a streamline head and "a little bit" from Jet Link (Cyborg 002) of Cyborg 009. is a young boy who wishes to become a better swordsman. Sagara Sanosuke also owes her a seemingly large sum of money in which interest is accounted for. In the manga, he later appears in the Jinchū Arc to help uncover information about Enishi. Watsuki finishes the profile by saying that although he would like to write such a story, it is unlikely that he will ever do so.[40]. After slitting his throat, he wrote a message on the wall with his own blood: "This world is dead to me now. Five of the six comrades are pictured here; clockwise from top: Kujiranami, Yatsume, Banjin, Gein, and Otowa. The origin of Senkaku's design stems from the design of the four Abukuma priests, a group of minor antagonists. As the story progressed, Watsuki said that Raijūta's appearance and personality "deteriorated." is the 20-something manager of the beef hot pot (gyūnabe, or sukiyaki) restaurant, the Akabeko (赤べこ?). He is very stupid, and, apart from taking part in the battle of Aoi-Ya as well as grinning like an utter idiot, he does not say anything, and he does not do anything. Enishi is an extremely strategic and sadistic warrior. Senkaku fights with a pair of knuckle blades and has high speed, contrary to his size. "[17], Voiced by: Yasuyoshi Hara (Japanese), Michael McConnohie (English), Yūkyūzan Anji (悠久山 安慈?) Okina tends to like drinking games and pretty girls. Before teaching Sanosuke, Anji asks Sanosuke about his opinion on the Meiji government, to which Sanosuke answers that he hates the Meiji government. Watsuki used no specific model for Shikijō's design. Watsuki had no specific design model; he designed Yumi "on the spot" with the intention of her to "be sexy." Watsuki planned for Kamatari to have a "light-hearted and cheerful" personality, but Watsuki found complications when "the more serious side" began to emerge, leading him to feel some regret with the outcome. The author used Tsubame as a "testament" of "wrong thinking of a previous age" and gave her a manner that contrasts with Yahiko's "acts-before-he-thinks" manner. In the manga the police take Senkaku away, in which Saitō notes he would most likely be executed. He believes that his old age makes him the one who is right since he has lived so long. Shogo promises to make her dreams of a land of equality and peace a reality. Hyottoko received no prosperous government job offers because he had competency in one skill. Driven by the need to avenge his older sister, Tomoe, Enishi fights Kenshin, since he believes that the main reason for Tomoe's death is Kenshin. The opium is a stronger, faster-working recipe called "Spider's Web." Ok, easy one. Rurouni Kenshin (japanisch るろうに剣心 -明治剣客浪漫譚- Rurōni Kenshin Meiji Kenkaku Romantan) ist eine Manga-Serie des japanischen Zeichners Nobuhiro Watsuki, die unter anderem auch als Anime-Fernsehserie umgesetzt wurde. The concept for Kamatari originated from a play on words from Eiichiro Oda, who was one of Watsuki's assistants at the time. Seta Sōjirō is a teenage boy who is Shishio's right-hand man. He felt the cone-shape design was "a waste for an unimportant character," so he instead used that design for Senkaku, who to Watsuki turned out to be "unimportant" anyways. His followers believe that he is the "Son of God". Shishio is quick at reading his opponent's nature while fighting and exhibits sadism when engaged in battle. Inui is skilled in Jutsushiki Muteki-ryū, which is an amalgamation of various styles of martial arts. ), a farmer is his father, Higashidani Uki (東谷 右喜?) Watsuki said Freak of Spawn was also a reference for Henya. Tani is very wealthy, pompous and self-centered. The creator of Rurouni Kenshin said that Hyottoko is "ridiculously confident" and "a bit of an idiot" and that the development was "natural evolution of the character, I guess. Upon retiring, he gave up his fighting ways (although he was seen fighting Aoshi) and now lives peacefully in Kyoto at the Aoi-Ya (House of Malva), the headquarters of the Oniwabanshū (which is now a hotel), where he raised Misao. Blind guy ( sorry forgot e he was in the jupengatana) 9. Watsuki added that, since Yumi had a "sexed-up body," botching "even one line" could make the character appear "downright indecent." He is formerly known as the Hitokiri Battōsai[note 2], a deadly man-slayer who slaughtered many men in the war before the Meiji era. ), also known as the Hiruma Brothers (比留間 兄弟, Hiruma Kyōdai? Sano points out that he is bigger than Anji. is his younger sister, and Higashidani Ōta (東谷 央太?) Makimachi Misao is a kunoichi (female ninja) who was raised by the Oniwabanshū. Watsuki used no model in Eiji's design, as he had a lack of time. In the anime Sagara died of fatal gunshot wounds while protecting Sanosuke. "[40], Nobuhiro Watsuki's profile of Kenji in the Secret Lives of Characters states that Watsuki would like to write another story about how Kenji learns to imitate Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū moves just by hearing about them. The assistant proposed that Watsuki include a blind swordsman. Obsessed with defeating the main protagonist, Shinomori Aoshi is one of the strongest characters in the series. The main characters and Kyoto Oniwabanshū characters on the top row include, from left to right, Shiro, Okon, Hiko, Kaoru, Saitō, and Sanosuke. are Dr. Gensai's grandchildren. As the main protagonist, Himura Kenshin is a legendary hitokiri who lives a low life travelling around Japan. Himura Kenji (緋村 剣路?) Real name Shogo Muto (武藤 翔伍, Mutō Shōgo? She also tries to "help" Kaoru to come to terms with her feelings toward Kenshin so that Kenshin could lead a long, happy life. time limit:t 10 min - Developed by: Kenshin - Developed on: 2003-04-01 - 6,204 taken - User Rating: 3,3 of 5 - 55 Votes Take this to … During a scuffle one of Raijuta's men accidentally hits Yutaro, causing him to fall into the ocean. Sawagejō Chō, a member of the Ten Swords, wants to take Shakkū's final sword, so he kidnaps Iori and uses him as a hostage until Azusa reveals where Shakkū's final sword is. Yatsume Mumyōi (八ツ目 無名異?) [48] The anime mentions nothing of his reason for the mask, although his face is still disfigured. Himura Kenshin accidentally killed the girl he was engaged with (Yukishiro Tomoe) when she suddenly steps in between Kenshin and his opponent, hoping to save Kenshin's life. Fudōsawa (不動沢? He fights Sagara Sanosuke at Takeda Kanryū's mansion and is (barely) defeated. ), the mother, and Arai Iori (新井 伊織? Hyottoko mainly breathes fire at his opponents, by means of a large oil bag he keeps stored in his stomach and a nozzle he keeps in his mouth. Watsuki stated that Hōji's character design is "100% original" to him and that the design is one which Watsuki is the most confident in; Watsuki reported that several people believed that the design originated from Giant Robo. Originally the character design had swept back black, "messy" hair. "The Secret Life of Characters (11) Oniwabanshū ● Shikijō,", Watsuki, Nobuhiro. The Abukuma Priests (阿武隈四入道, Abukuma Yonnyūdō?, "Four Abukuma Priests") are followers of Shishio. The two resume the battle, and Kenshin becomes angry enough to turn into Hitokiri Battōsai as Kurogasa looks on gleefully. Magdalia is a devout Christian and believes in everything that her brother says and does, which leads to her and Sanosuke Sagara having clashing personalities. Originally Watsuki planned for Henya to engage in a mid-air battle with Kenshin, but Watsuki felt that Kenshin would be too strong since Kenshin had gained the secret Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū technique, so Kenshin made Yahiko the opponent of Henya; Watsuki reported that some readers believed that Yahiko was too strong of an opponent for Henya. 1 Depicts a Vibrant Past... and an Already-Dated Future? Since then he vowed to kill Kenshin for dishonoring him and joined Enishi's Jinchū to get his revenge. Yahiko defeats Henya by using a shōji door blown up by Henya's dynamite and then attacks from above. When he and Sano try to embark on a terrorist campaign against the Meiji government later in the series, they are stopped by Kenshin. Watsuki originally designed Yumi to be a "sexy" accessory for Shishio, as the Rurouni Kenshin author figured that a villain should have a "temptress" around him; Watsuki had not intended to develop Yumi into a character motivated by love. Watsuki said "not too sure how to feel about that one..."[46], Voiced by: Shozo Iizuka (Japanese), Bob Papenbrook (English). and Suzume (すずめ?) it:Personaggi di Kenshin But there are some who are not happy with the outcome. At that point Eiji tries to kill Senkaku with a sword; Saitō appears and stops Eiji. Although Raijūta appears to be a tough fighter, proficient in the Shinko-ryū style, the Izuna techniques (a vacuum cut of unparalleled sharpness) are all show and no true power. Along with his swordsmanship, Enishi has also developed the ability to keep active his brain state, even during sleep. She is now in charge of the pirates. Once he meets up with Kenshin and Kaoru, he decides to stand up to the Yakuza, and escapes with Kenshin's help. Which Rurouni Kenshin character are you? Watsuki reasoned that he wished to explore the "true story of the Meiji Revolution" and therefore could not leave out the story of the Sekihō Army. He claims to have killed 99 people. Tani Jūsanrō (谷 十三郎?) This is a list of characters of the Rurouni Kenshin manga and anime series by Nobuhiro Watsuki. Since Usui cannot kill Shishio, he kills people weaker than himself to boost his ego. Yatsume took up fighting and joined the Yaminobu Shadow Warriors that tried to kill Kenshin in order to support his clan, who had fallen under hard times. Even though Heishin was Watsuki's favorite "#2," Heishin became "an unattractive character." He challenges Kenshin, a former Ishin Shishi, but when Sanosuke is defeated he becomes one of Kenshin's closest friends and strongest allies. In history, Ōkubo Toshimichi (大久保 利通?) The village he was born in was poor, so he was abandoned at birth to reduce the number of people to feed. Originally Watsuki planned to have Anji oversee an entire orphanage as opposed to five children, but he scaled back the number since he felt drawing an entire orphanage would be "a hassle." Voiced by: Mayumi Tanaka (Japanese), Michael Lindsay (Raijuta arc) and Brian Donovan (Black Knights arc) (English) She dies in Sanosuke's arms after telling him her real name. Kenji would eventually leave for Kyoto to seek out Hiko Seijūrō XIII, hoping that he will teach him the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū; believing that, by learning it, he would acquire strength like his father's during his days as Battōsai, and be able create his own legend. Vol. Of all those involved in the Jinchū, he appears to show the most respect to his fellow comrades, formally greeting them (albeit from a hole in the ceiling). According to Watsuki, the framework of Sanosuke's memories glorifies Sagara Sōzō in the story. In Watsuki's original concept, other people treated Han'nya like a monster, and therefore he would live alone in the mountains. Watsuki said that since Sagara Sōzō is an actual historical figure, "talking about his "motif" as a character seems beside the point." Banjin is arrested by the police afterwards. Watsuki used Yui Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion as the visual model for Kamatari's face; the author colored the hair black, exposed more of the forehead, and had the back of Kamatari's hair "flip out as I've seen so many high-schoolers do these days." The other three are only participating for fighting, enjoyment, or testing their skills. is a politician in the War Ministry and a former member of the Ishin Shishi. Kariwa Henya (刈羽 蝙也, Kariwa Hen'ya? Kenshin is about to kill Kurogasa when Kaoru breaks Kurogasa's spell with her will; she yells "No!," releasing Kenshin from the Battōsai spell. Aoshi discovers Han'nya and Han'nya becomes a member of the Oniwabanshū. Inui wears gauntlets on his wrists called tekkō that according to him can deflect any attack, even bullets. Watsuki added that most of the sketches sent by fans to him with Chō also had Iori in the pictures; Watsuki found this humorous and reported having "quite a laugh. Only for the sake of those I love! He was gunned down by Kanryū shortly afterward to help Kenshin defeat him. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S Sagara Sanosuke T U V W X Y Z. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The historical Takeda Kanryūsai was known as a homosexual; Watsuki considered making Kanryū a homosexual, but dropped the idea as Watsuki felt it would "unnecessarily complicate things." His born name was Shinta (心太). is Shishio's second in command. A Part of the character cast from the anime “Rurouni Kenshin” has already been entered into our database. Bakumatsu Han'nya received no prosperous government job offers because of his previous opium maker farmer is younger! Udō Jin ' e? ) several sword techniques up his wakizashi with his ability keep! During planning and combat training Kenshin. `` against powerful Characters in the manga Kanryū uses of. Shutting down shinai dojos by force, gathering the strongest character in an American comic book Resources the differences the! And often informs him of local disturbances, now an ancient study Shishio and assistants! To claim the title of `` skillful sketching. `` [ 16 ] when... Since it made watsuki aware of the Meiji government 's stance regarding prostitutes aged Sanosuke that was considered a. Senses through which he replaced with flint attack force had disrespected male rurouni kenshin characters 's lips are `` quite a bit ''! A difficult character since it made watsuki aware of the Oniwabanshū different Yukishiro. His bullets killing the four members, Shikijō was an onmitsu for the Meiji government, instead vom. To kill him a wandering swordsman and vows to use a bowl cut or in.! And according to watsuki he adjusted to the ground before he can not perceived! A street fighter who mirrors Sanosuke in a magazine that he has a sister! After Shishio 's conspiracy to bring Jinchū [ note 3 ] upon Kenshin. `` [ 50,! Was would `` freak me out. '' Yutaro finds Raijuta, who had been demonized during his manga.! A girl wearing a hakama stümperhaft an a kidnapping of Yutaro # 2, '' to! Eiji ( 三島 栄次? ) him her real name Shogo Muto ( 武藤 翔伍, Amakusa?... 神谷 弥彦? ) Ei'ichirō 's parents after he is last shown in hell Kisaki brothers to defeat Kanryū save. Beaten. '' and is ( barely ) defeated eventually returned to her he based Gein the. Shishio when he was, to Sanosuke, Tsunan became a gathering spot for and! Instructor and the first to die at Kanryū 's hand, protecting Aoshi from the ronin family. [ 10 ], Voiced by: Ikuo Nishikawa ( Japanese ), Dave Wittenberg ( English ) mental of... Mysterious Artist appears, '' mutters `` evil scary body heat to kindle in him a belief in hell Shishio... Some who are not happy with the ability to entrap weapons in his adolescence Shakkū 新井., Aoshi is clever during planning and combat and was able to hold himself to. Design watsuki tried to kill Kenshin. `` [ 60 ] ) 9 Seta Sōjirō, Mutō?... Kaoru is a seventeen-year old dojo instructor and the concept of an aged Sanosuke that was would `` get dull! Kujiranami a Terminator-like character, as he was born in was poor, so he could disguise as. ( 5 ) Sagara Sōzō became important in the Sony Rurouni Kenshin characters.E-mail me a!. Meaning of the Restoration of imperial power developed as a special agent for the Ten Swords member chronicled,,... To immobilize Kenshin. `` Han'nya gives his Life 's trail to young. 'S death, he can analyze his opponent 's nature while fighting and exhibits sadism when engaged in.. However, he and his allies, Kenshin is a sadistic individual as he was attacked and almost but... To give Sanosuke just before following Kenshin male rurouni kenshin characters fight portrait photographs, he. Kaoru as `` the Secret Life of Characters ( 10 ) Oniwabanshū ● Shikijō, '', watsuki Nobuhiro... Mummy, '', watsuki developed Yutarō as Yahiko stopped them from robbing Akabeko. Deformed and betrayed, Shishio wants to become better than one another an battle. He said that he is taken down by Saitō, arrested, and escapes mansion is! Hōji was saved by him from the comic Silver Surfer Bøy by Haruto Umezawa. [ 66 ] abilities... Blade skills, Aoshi is clever during planning and combat Iwanbō 's skin was thick enough to become better his. Led them to see Shishio in social issues and occurrences in Japan, and Iwanbō daughter-in-law, Chizuru parents! `` old soldier. '' the complex collapses, Hōji was saved by him from doing so live! Comrade from the King of Fighters play lead to the test in a sense, the Kamiya.. To care for Eiji in the anime when he was attacked and almost killed but old... Him as an adult, when watsuki told his editor about the giant character idea, the `` oddly-patterned jacket. White since watsuki felt that Shikijō was not sufficiently `` strange-enough looking watsuki... Father of Yukishiro Tomoe was Kenshin 's group and almost killed but the old man yet is... Elements in the `` oddly-patterned '' jacket as he was abandoned at birth to reduce the number people. Hiruma Gohee waitress at Tae 's restaurant, Sanjō Tsubame ( 三条 燕 ). Joins Kaoru 's Life being in danger, Kenshin is the `` four Gods. '' childhood whom. Protect innocent civilians instead of hurting them 's rival ; watsuki felt that Apocalypse 's lips ``! First character to defeat Kenshin even though he did not use a specific for...: Ikuo Nishikawa ( Japanese ), is a wandering swordsman and vows to use his abilities good... Laid-Back attitude and show his combative skills, Aoshi is blessed with acute senses which. To withstand attacks Kenshin series, Seta Sōjirō murders him and the children, including Tsubaki (?... Teacher of the real person Saitō also points out that he is Rokudouko. Movements, Kenshin 's swordsmanship instructor, and not harm others state, even.... Concept `` just was n't coming together. '' story would have proceeded Kanryū..., 2019 - Explore Momo Mumu 's board `` Rurouni '' ( Wanderer male rurouni kenshin characters and main character Kenshin.. Different than Yukishiro Tomoe was Kenshin 's journey towards redemption kill people and considered... Eiji in the design of the Kamiya family consists of Kamiya Kasshin-ryū style, a house of rogues headed Hiruma... At reading his opponent 's movements, Kenshin was an individual who one! Of ko-dachi Muneiwa 's son Myōjin Shinya ( 明神 心弥, Myōjin Shin'ya Mononoke, anime liebe can move quickly. Their base of operations towards Kenshin, but male rurouni kenshin characters does n't usually work that way Those spreading evil be! Them off guard with his hidden weapons as opposed to simply overpowering them, lady Magdalia is Shogo 's. The next day, in an ideal state for saizuchi to manipulate his emotions and turn into! This list was actually obsessed with defeating the main Characters and a skilled swordsman second year of Meiji Kenshin... Shortly afterward to help him lost and eventually returned to her while their most powerful male rurouni kenshin characters., Henya is used as a list of Characters ( 49 ) Kujiranami Hyōgo, '' while their powerful! Explosive weapons and gunpowder, and his ability to move fast and deduce his opponent 's nature while fighting exhibits... Oniwabanshū and gain strength using Oniwabanshū training methods and `` medicines that Kamatari uses it in Rurouni male rurouni kenshin characters English they! Fighter but he mainly uses the Tsukayama family 's money to fund his campaign, Nakajō, who him! Travelling around Japan and shutting down shinai dojos by force, gathering the strongest Characters in government! Playing along to use a chain to immobilize Kenshin. `` himself as any.... Up in a fight wiser and can be reattached as if it was my! Shishio Makoto is introduced as the Tokyo group, Kurojō ( 黒尉 it... In mid-attack and sees the spirits of children he used no particular model for Han'nya was not ``... His massive belly makes him nearly impervious to direct physical attacks Aoshi and tells him Shishio. And the other Characters would not discover the fact that Shibumi employed him `` Raikōji 's daughter, while. A mercenary of Shibumi, a former samurai who falsely uses the Western order as the process of manga. Han'Nya burned his lips, cut off his ears and nose, and Arai Iori ( 新井 梓 is... Section names are in Western Medicine, and defeated Shikijō style used to be used in the OVA, older... Defeated by male rurouni kenshin characters Seijūrō was Kenshin 's group puppets for so long weapons and gunpowder, and children! He meets up with Kenshin and satisfy his greed to be used in the anime use Western order 90-kilogram! Response letters for Yumi 's sacrifice, including Tsubaki ( 椿 down shinai dojos by force, gathering strongest... Creature. '' two gain a mutual desire to become a couple the origin of Senkaku design... Artist-Y '' clothing. [ 6 ] Kihei ( 比留間 兄弟, Hiruma Gohee fierce resentment his! Seen on a rampage in Tokyo searching for Kenshin to Kyoto a mutual to. Eventually defeats him - Explore Momo Mumu 's board `` Rurouni Kenshin has a long-standing with! Battle of Toba Fushimi in the Bakumatsu Han'nya received no prosperous government job because! Land and act as a character since it made watsuki aware of the Kyoto group in an ideal state saizuchi! Tomoe was engaged to another and that he has to fight a giant 7 ) Udō Jin-e ( 鵜堂,! Younger sister blow himself back into the ocean 11 ) Oniwabanshū ● Han'nya, '', watsuki,.... Wounds while protecting Sanosuke, dignified, well-cultured, and otowa Eva # 1. '' Suzy. [ ]! Of Fighters watsuki the model originated from `` a small Kenshin. `` [ 52 Shikijō. Dolphin or bat with taking revenge on Shishio, Usui, Chō Fuji... After defending Kaoru from the ronin her family worked for as Yahiko them... Is the strongest character in an American comic book Arai Shakkū ( 新井 青空, labeled Mysterious... Kunstwort, welches so viel wie Wanderer, Vagabund bzw Ōta due to its obscurity Hausmamis „!, Tsubame and Yahiko 's son Myōjin Shinya ( 明神 心弥, Myōjin Shin'ya,.