He also did this off the court when he shot a box full of dessert onto the motorbike rider that knocked down Momoi. Midorima states that he has surpassed his limit long ago. Takao once commented on his preparation for matches, ranging from filling his nails, taping his fingers, listening to the Oha Asa horoscopes, and carrying his lucky item of the day accordingly, as some sort of obsession. 14 th. Before the practices started, Takao approaches him and introduces himself. Takao eventually catches up to Midorima and after saying to Kise that he should give up on his revenge, Midorima leaves.[17]. But, I'll make it up for a special chapter of Midorima's birthday! In the Ng-Shuu episodes, Takao is also shown imitating and teasing Midorima, annoying him greatly. Kise). His passionate hostility towards Akashi during the Winter Cup semi-finals is an example of this.[9]. Takao and Midorima made this play to counter Akashi's Emperor Eye, since the height difference leads to Akashi simply not being able to steal the ball because it is out of his reach. Midorima always shoots with his left hand and he bandages his fingers in order to not let them affect his shot. Shintarou Midorima is a character from the anime Kuroko's Basketball. Kuroko then goes one-on-one with Midorima, in which Midorima questions this, saying that Kuroko's Misdirection doesn't work when he holds the ball. The second quarter then ends with Shūtoku leading by 2 points. He says that Kagami only has half the answer he needs to defeat Aomine, and will correct the mistake that Kagami has made. Kagami then enraged steals the ball from Midorima attempting to make another shot. He states that everyone else is a hindrance. The other fact that shows that he differs from other the Generation of Miracles is that so far, he is the only one who has had the guts to stand up against Akashi. Support Midorima blocks Kagami in the last second. At that time, he gets a text from Kise that says "Good luck". Seijūrō Akashi. Ōtsubo is surprised because Midorima previously said that his horoscope was bad. In the successful teamplay, he was also seen enjoying the game and laughing, which he rarely does. Akashi declines telling him to be less compassionate if he wants to win. It is then revealed that this was Midorima's plan all along, shocking all of his team mates before the start of the game. Midorima Shintarou/Reader; Midorima Shintarou; Kuroko Tetsuya; Kise Ryouta; Murasakibara Atsushi; Aomine Daiki; Momoi Satsuki; Akashi Seijuurou; Reader; One Shot; Summary. 1 Canon 1.1 Season 1 1.1.1 EPISODE 4 - Take Care of the Counter Attack! Miyaji is able to steal the ball away from Hyūga, and Kagami jumps in front of Midorima when he tries to make a shot. https://kurokonobasuke.fandom.com/wiki/Shintarō_Midorima?oldid=121450. Just like the other members of the Generation of Miracles, Kuroko and Midorima acknowledge and respect each other's skill. During the period of Akashi's captaincy, he would often play shogi with Midorima (who was vice-captain), in which the latter never won any of the matches. The Number One Shooter of the "Generation of Miracles" of Teikou, who believes in Astrology & Horoscopes. Kise asks him to put that away, saying it's dangerous. Due to Kagami not relying on his team anymore, Midorima's shots become more and more difficult to block due to the amount of times Kagami jumped. Meeting new people means making new friends, thus celebrating numerous birthdays..-.-.-. After the match, Midorima offers a handshake to Akashi, though the latter refuses it, wishing to remain as Midorima's enemy. Midorima is surprised that Takao knows him, but Takao explains that he's pretty much a celebrity in high school basketball. Midorima has dark green hair parted to the left that doesn't reach his eyes. At the first round, Seirin High was playing Shinkyō Academy. Midorima has near, if not perfect accuracy, being able to calculate  the distance to the net with precise precision despite shooting with a incredibly high arc, which Hyūga remarked is a difficult feat. In his defense, Midorima told Kise that he was just coincidentally there. Although he wasn't seen until after the game by Takao, Midorima did attend to watch the Quarter Final match between Kaijō and Tōō, watching his former teammates, Kise and Aomine face each other. “I have always wondered… you said you were a Cancer, correct?” Midorima pushes up his glasses. In Kuroko's opinion his three-pointer is amazing but the worth of points only goes so far, and that Kagami's dunk that bring up team's morale can't be measured in comparison. Midorima is mostly known for his incredible shot. According to Junpei Hyūga rather than the score the true horror of Midorima's shot is the deep psychological impact to opponents. He leaves the Generation with the words that they haven't forgotten their oath. I just realized that in the last episode he almost didn't ... Kuroko No Basket Kurokos Basketball Street Basketball Basketball Birthday Basketball Quotes Haikyuu Desenhos Love Kiseki No Sedai Generation Of Miracles. As always, he carries a lucky item with him, this time a pair of scissors. It's been a week since that particular day. Midorima along with his team, Shūtoku make it to the Final League of the Winter Cup. Seirin then ties the score at 76-76. Browse and share the top Midorima Shintarou GIFs from 2020 on Gfycat. “Yes, that is correct.” “So… that must mean you know when your birthday is?” Midorima stares at him for a beat, not willing to admit he didn’t know what the man is talking about. ©2021 All Rights Reserved. tags: Happy Birthday Kise '17 Gasha Kise Ryouta Rare Gasha. Twitter Campaign. Upload Create. The official Cross Colors Twitter released a Midori Twitter icon and header for reaching 1,707 tweets today! He also finds Momoi annoying, when she contacts him on his phone after he loses to Seirin. Midorima is usually very reserved. He is very tall, being the second tallest from the Generation of Miracles. So far, the only ones who have ever been able to stop Midorima's shots, are Kagami by blocking his shots[35], Kuroko by blocking his dip off a pump fake, and Akashi by stealing the ball before Midorima could bring it above his head[36]. Until the prospect of dating comes up, and he finds himself in a star-crossed 'love at first sign' relationship. Shintarou stood there, stunned before stumbling out of the school, wondering how he was ever going to manage to get home with his … When their rematch finally came at the Winter Cup preliminary finals, Midorima finally accepted Kagami as a true rival. Out of games, he wears h… -----Midorima is on his way back from school. [25] He also analyzes Kagami's tactical battle simulation later on in the match. Jul 31, 2016 - Explore Marcie The Alien's board "Shintarō Midorima", followed by 1760 people on Pinterest. [1][2] He also believes in blood types compatibility, as shown when he said Kuroko's blood type A and his blood type B don't get along. Can also be read on AO3. He called it the "Emperor Eye Plan". The tip-off between Kagami and Ōtsubo in which Seirin leads with the ball and a Kuroko-Kagami alley-oop but is blocked by Midorima who calls it disappointing. 3. He replies that he once played against him and lost. [6], Midorima gives Kagami a hint to beat Akashi, Takao often calls him a tsundere, because he tends to help people but denies doing so. きり on … Midorima then questions the two why they're in the same area, Kagami returning the question. After the game is finished, Midorima offers Akashi a hand shake acknowledging his defeat, telling him that Shūtoku will win next time. Bahiyama, Kuroko no Basuke, Kise Ryouta, Aomine Daiki, Murasakibara Atsushi, Kuroko Tetsuya, Akashi Seijuurou, Midorima Shintarou, Momoi Satsuki, Pixiv, Comic, Teikou Middle School, Generation Of Miracles. During the final match of the league, Midorima and Shūtoku face Senshinkan High and secure both their wins, qualifying for the Winter Cup. On the bloopers, his stuffed frog, Mr. Ribbit, was made from ceramics and was smashed from a stray baseball hit, leaving him aggrieved. [10] Midorima would often compete with Akashi in other areas as well, such as the results of the exams where Akashi always placed first. [39] Midorima does not show any signs of anger but merely laments that Akashi was still the same and insists that Shūtoku would emerge victorious the next time they battle again. Nevertheless, Midorima respects his former teammates and never fails to take note of their skills when viewing one of their games, often discussing the games and player's skills with Takao or whoever happens to be next to him (eg. Takao then answers saying that it's a tradition for Shūtoku to train by the beach every year, Midorima accuses Seirin of taking a vacation as well. Midorima states that not a single member on his time is a hindrance. He never stopped practicing and still valued its importance. ... And then she turned to head back to her father, eagerly asking him about his plans for her birthday. ***** 18th year of Engi, 7th month, 7th day. Later on in the gym, Shūtoku and Seirin (except Kagami) begin practice matches against each other in the gym. After the time-out for the second quarter, Midorima asks Akashi if he can afford holding back. Log In. Midorima Shintaro *Happy Birthday* *part two* Kanrachii This is quite late especially since I already had posted this but Quotev WOULDNT let the chapter show up. When Kuroko and Kagami arrived, they proceed to start things up. kisumi-cchi liked this . Jul 8, 2016 - Happy Birthday To Akashi Seijuro. Riko then comes along hold a knife with blood, scaring Midorima into asking what school Kuroko attends. Midorima warms him of the Championship League, but Aomine asks him why he's saying that and it's gross. While he does argue with Kise frequently, his relationship with the remaining three (Aomine, Murasakibara, and Kise) is neutral. Make up … Since Midorima can shoot from the other side of the court, this stops the opposing team from starting a fast break because he is already on defense. However, Kuroko swats the ball out of Midorima's hands ending the game in Seirin's favor. 630x7834 1,105kB. They both agree that it doesn't end there. A sudden meeting "Yeah, who are you nanodayo?" Acting kind to opponents is very hard for him, while his friend Takao has no problem with that. When Midorima stays behind for late practice, Takao regularly joins him. He leaves them by saying that they have to make it to the finals first.[19]. Generation of Miracles. He can shoot the ball from anywhere outside the three point line and the ball flies with exceptionally high arc. While Kagami is practicing his jumping in a parking lot with a basketball hoop, Midorima bumps into him while drinking a chilled can of red bean soup. [31] He also blocked Kagami's first dunk attempt at Inter High and training camp by jumping later than him. It is also used in the game against Team Jabberwock, however Akashi is the one passing to Midorima. After the game Midorima stands outside in the rain, receiving a call from Momoi but hanging up. Kagami goes to greet Midorima, but Midorima pretends to not know him. I am a man that proposes, I always carry my lucky item of the day with me as my horoscope said. Midorima is unable to make any shots due to Akashi who is guarding him. Midorima's first name was supposed to be Ryōhei instead of Shintarō. He feels no need for fooling around, although Takao tries to persuade him many times (often ending up with him annoying Midorima). The first quarter ends with that shot. However at the beginning of the Winter Cup, he cuts his bangs shorter with the scissors that he borrowed from Shintarō Midorima. Kise Ryouta. [13] The two would meet up and come to the conclusion that there are two personalities inhabiting Akashi's body. Akashi replies that it's impossible since he never loses. Sports Team. Shintarou Midorima's first year in high school could not be more easy. He also states that Midorima should stop thinking he's managed to disguise himself just using darker colored glasses. Koruko no basketball. From the crowd, Shigehiro shouts at Kuroko and started the refueling shout-outs for Seirin. Terms Takao says that the winter will be fun, with Midorima smiling as they leave. After the match has ended, Midorima approaches Kise and said that their match is postponed. He sat up in bed, and squinted at the little boy who was the spitting image of him--just twenty-three years younger. tags: Midorima Shintarou Midorima Select Gasha Kuroko no Basuke Kuroko no Basket Cross Colors Select Gasha Rare Gasha. Today is Reader's birthday, and the Generation of Miracles and Momoi decide to take you out and celebrate. When the Generation of Miracles would make a bet on getting the most points in a game, he would not participate because all he wanted to do is fulfill his role. Akashi stops the ball from making it through shocking everyone, he then makes a lay up. The tip-off between Ōtsubo and Kiyoshi begins with the ball be in Seirin's possession until Takao steals it. MyAnimeList.net is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. Nevertheless, Midorima respects Momoi, often asking her for her class notes to improve his grades and beat Akashi. tags: Nicely Professional Gasha Series Rare Gasha Kise Ryouta Kuroko Tetsuya Midorima Shintarou Murasakibara Atsushi. Happy Birthday Kise ’17 Gasha [9/6-20/6 11pm JST] This gasha debuts with four new team member avatars - two five stars, and 2 four stars! ... # *knb# bday gif# kuroko no basket# kuroko no basuke# kuroko's basketball# lol happy birthday you dork xDD# midorima shintarou# mygif#shintaro midorima merryfortune liked this . Somehow I prefer “old” and kinda “dead” fandom because followers won’t even know about you and leave when you stop posting their fandom’s fanarts ^^ Many MM fans just leave me but thanks for stopping by, even for a short amount of time. Midorima’s favorite subjects are Chemistry and Biology. When Midorima and Kagami first meet, Midorima questions Kagami who he is (although he already knew beforehand), instead of shaking hands, Kagami decides it would be funny to write on Midorima's palm his team name, number of his team, and name, which Midorima did not take too lightly. Aug 22, 2015 - Explore aiba rui's board "generation of miracles and kagami" on Pinterest. He watched the Exhibition match of Team Jabberwock vs Team Strky with his teammates on TV. [20] While seeing this, Hyūga speculates that Midorima is hiding something crazier. MidoTaka is the slash ship between Shintarou Midorima and Kazunari Takao from the Kuroko's Basketball fandom. Athlete. Takao mentions that although Midorima is irritating at times and find his obsession with luck weird, they cannot hate him. Hyūga makes Seirin's final shot, making the score 82-81. takamido midotaka midorima shintarou takao kazunari knb kuroko no basket thinks JUST .. 26 notes. When the Generation of Miracles talent began to bloom, Midorima was the only one who continued attending practices understanding their worth while the rest skipped and only showed up during official matches. He is very tall, being the second tallest from the Generation of Miracles. Seijūrō Akashi (赤司 征十郎 Akashi Seijūrō) was the captain of Generation of Miracles. Generation of Miracles note Kuroko Tetsuya, Kise Ryouta, Midorima Shintarou, Aomine Daiki, Momoi Satsuki, Murasakibara Atsushi, Akashi Seijuurou Kuroko Tetsuya Kagami Taiga Position: Power Forward Height/Weight: 190cm/82kg Birthday: August … Before the match, Midorima is seen in the locker room with his lucky item, a shogi piece, a strange irony of fate. He mostly shoots off the catch, and he is able to create space for his shot. Jun 07 17 @7:53pm with 24 notes. Midorima and Takao went to watch and while Midorima says it was to check out the foreign exchange student, it was actually to see Seirin. Midorima along with his team, Shūtoku make it to the Inter-High Preliminaries Final round where they faced Seirin High. Upon meeting, he expresses his uneasiness and seems to start a rivalry with Aomine, which Akashi insists that they forget. Enjoy the story, and happy birthday to Shin-chan! [12] Midorima didn't participate in the Generation of Miracles bets which they made to keep themselves entertained, due to their opponent being too weak for them. Midorima also did not like Kuroko's choice of high school, saying he could not stand the fact that he acknowledges Kuroko, who in spite of his lacking physicality is skilled enough to stand as his equal, and yet he went to a new and unknown team who could not utilize his power to the fullest. takamido midotaka midorima shintarou takao kazunari knb kuroko no basket thinks JUST .. 26 notes. [3] His motto is "Man proposes, God disposes", which means doing your best and fate will decide the rest. It is an incredible feat because in reality, most full-court shooters do it with a gridiron-like throwing motion, while he does it with a normal jump shot, a great testament to his overall strength and endurance because it is so repeatable for him. After Seirin's victory, Midorima approaches Kise.