Paolo Ippolito - KZ A podium finish could not be achieved, but the 1 st round of the European KZ and KZ2 Championship ended with a positive balance for the CRG drivers. no resales. Then he attempted to throw his bumper at rival Paolo Ippolito, who he had been involved in a collision with shortly beforehand. TEAM/DRIVER – CRG has extended its deal with Paolo Ippolito in KZ for the 2021 season. Corberi stood on the side of the track holding the bumper from his kart before stepping out onto the track and launching the bumper at a driver, believed to be Paolo Ippolito. Kart racer Luca Corberi has apologised and vowed never to race again following his “disgraceful” behaviour, after he caused outrage by throwing a bumper at a rival and starting a fight on Sunday. The bumper missed Ippolito and bounced harmlessly off another kart. THIS is the shocking moment kart driver Luca Corberi throws his bumper at a rival mid-race during an unbelievable meltdown that has led to calls for him to be banned for life. Ippolito will take part in all the FIA events for KZ (European & World Championship) plus some WSK races, using TM engines. An Italian who threw part of his go-kart at a rival during a world championship final, prompting 2009 Formula One champion Jenson Button to call for a life ban, apologised on Monday and said he was leaving the sport. And, after the race, he and his father physically assaulted Ippolito. no resales. Image: FIA. Just before the half-way mark, he retook the lead never to relinquish same. He recently attended the post-season tests in the FIA Formula 2 Championship for HWA RACELAB. CRG confirms Paolo Ippolito in KZ CRG is pleased to announce the extension of the collaboration agreement with Paolo Ippolito for the 2021 season. Luca Corberi hurled his bumper at a rival driver. Jenson Button has joined a growing list of professional drivers who have called for 23-year-old kart racer Luca Corberi to be banned from motorsport for life. The video shows how Luca Corber’s nerves went completely in a go-kart competition in Italy.Wild videos of the Karting KZ World Championship in Italy spread on Sunday night. Immediate action taken saw Corberi disqualified from the race. He then throws his rival’s car with the detached front bumper of his own car. It comes after the Italian was involved in an incident during Sunday’s FIA Karting World Championship in which he and rival Paolo Ippolito collided. A second video showed Ippolito waiting with his kart in parc ferme post-race, then Corberi sprinting into the area in full race gear and tackling his rival. ... came after Corberi threw the bumper of his smashed kart at rival Paolo Ippolito. video shows: incident during fia karting world championship final race, during which luca corberi throws car bumper in direction of rival paolo ippolito shows: lonato, italy (october 4, 2020) (rgmmc - no archive. The 17-year-old arrives with one year of Formula 3 experience to his name. At the young age of only 15, he can proudly add a victory in the KF2 World Cup to his record of achievements. Corebi had to retire in the ninth lap of the race due to a collision with fellow racer Paolo Ippolito. Needless to say, enough to snap a neck or cause serious bodily harm. Kart racer Luca Corberi has apologised for his actions during yesterday’s FIA karting world championship ... Footage of Corberi throwing the bumper from his kart at rival Paolo Ippolito during the KZ final race has been widely circulated on social ... also it looks like the kid he attacked is about half his age, or at least half his height. Considering these are crème-de-la-crème karts running $20,000 hand-tuned engines on a world-class track, the speed at which Ippolito and others were hit could easily hover around 45 to 65 miles per hour. 2017: 2nd: CIK-FIA European KZ2 Championship: 2010: 1st: Italian Open Masters - KF3: 2009: 2nd: Italian Open Masters - KF3 Luca Corberi threw part of his kart at rival racer. ... Footage shows Ippolito with his head down standing next to his kart … He proceeded to physically attack Ippolito, who was also confronted by two adult team members – one of whom is understood to be Corberi’s father. Early in Sunday's race, 23-year-old Luca Corberi and Paolo Ippolito were fighting for position, ... 16-Year-Old Kart Racer Hustles Porsche 718 Spyder to Guinness Fastest Slalom Record. But instead of leaving the track, the racer decided to wait for Ippolito to come back round, carrying his bumper to throw at him. Luca Corberi crashed in the KZ final before waiting at the side of the track to launch his kart's bumper at his rival Paolo Ippolito The Adria event, which took place from 14 th to 16 th August, confirmed the very competitive CRG chassis for the Shifter classes and provided important information for the next events of the season. Corberi was left enraged by an unseen incident with fellow competitor Paolo Ippolito, and proceeded to throw a piece of bodywork from his crashed kart back onto the live race track into the path of Ippolito and other competitors. Coverage of the KZ final on Youtube showed 23-year-old Luca Corberi crashing out and then waiting by the side of the track for rival Paolo Ippolito before hurling his kart's bumper at him. CRG is pleased to announce the polish Maksymilian Obst as a new official driver for the OK-Junior category. READ: Marko: Red Bull Could Quit F1 Before 2025 Corberi retired from the race and proceeded to throw a piece of bodywork onto the circuit, trying to hit Paolo Ippolito’s kart. Corberi, 23, from Ita… The agreement consists of his participation to all the FIA races (European Championship and World Championship) together with an accessory program, which includes the most important WSK events and the Champions of the Future Series. video shows: incident during fia karting world championship final race, during which luca corberi throws car bumper in direction of rival paolo ippolito shows: lonato, italy (october 4, 2020) (rgmmc - no archive. must on screen credit fia karting world championship) 1. karter luca corberi pulling kart out of crash barrier 2. The Tuscan driver, born in 1996, comes from a positive 2020 with the colours of the CRG Official Team in the KZ class and this year he will also be a benchmark for the Italian manufacturer’s driver line up. Ippolito was also disqualified for the … Last Updated: 6th October, 2020 13:02 IST Luca Corberi Quits Racing After Wild Meltdown During FIA World Karting Championship Italian karter Luca Corberi, 23, has decided to quit racing after his meltdown during Sunday's race that threatened the safety of his fellow racers. The 23-year-old instead of heading back to the paddock, stood by the side of the circuit, picked up the broken bumper from his kart and waited for Ippolito to come around and threw the bumper at Ippolito’s kart … By • 05/10/2020 Search Driven for vehicles for sale ... believed to be Paolo Ippolito. Kart racer Luca Corberi has apologised for his actions at an FIA World Karting Championship event in Lonato, Italy, saying that he will never again compete in motorsport. For example, in a video shared by Racefans, karting driver Luca Corberi, 23, is standing in the driving axes on the side of the track. The 23-year-old Tony Kart driver retired nine laps into the 25-lap race after colliding with rival Paolo Ippolito, but his immediate anger simply failed to subside. Home / News / Watch: Fans call for a life ban after kart racer throws bumper at rival during race Watch: Fans call for a life ban after kart racer throws bumper at rival during race. In a shocking turn of events, the son of the owner of the circuit proceeds to hurl the piece of plastic at fellow racer, Paolo Ippolito, who was involved in the incident that led to his retirement. Explore age and social media of karting racer facing calls for ... Karting World Championship after an on-track altercation with Paolo Ippolito according to ... 23-year-old Italian kart racer. “2020 was a very complicated year, both for the Covid-19 pandemic and for the events that occurred at the World Championship in Lonato” Paolo said. Matteo Nannini (Italy) has been confirmed as the first driver to join HWA RACELAB, which lines up in FIA Formula 3 in 2021. Published 06 October 2020 By Kieran Ahuja. Kart racer throws bumper at rival — and then ... believed to be Paolo Ippolito.