Who Do You Think Will Receive The Popularity Award In '35th Golden Disc Awards (GDA)'? They have MORE album sales than all the kpop girl groups COMBINED. Survival shows also proved the power and voices of fandoms through the launching of K-pop groups wherein members are chosen by the netizens and fans. That was 2019 only. GENERATION OF KPOP: Currently, K-pop and Hallyu have been dominating the music scene and fashion industry. The following 18 albums are the best-selling girl group albums from the third generation of K-Pop, and they’ve all had an incredibly impressive amount of sales. Queens: TWICE ?????????????????? Debuted in 2012 makes EXO the first 3 rd generation KPop group formed by SM entertainment. CHEER UP > Growl > Red Flavor. According to the result, apart from the legendary Seo Taiji, the top 7 idol groups of all time are H.O.T, g.o.d, DBSK, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, Girls Generation … These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. | @eugene810303/Instagram Debuting in SM Entertainment’s first ever girl group, Eugene was only 16 when she debuted with S.E.S. In this era, simultaneously domestic and international growth and activities are pursued, and YouTube became one of the bases of popularity as well. Recently, a vote on Instiz got the attention of fandoms in Korea. Then how the hell you can tell twice is not in the first place .... listen to me idiot this not something made by idiots like you ...go and search about this in Google and you will know ...these are all 100 % real stats... why do you think like that?i am not saying u are wrong. In this era, the World Tour started due to fame in various countries as well as global fandom began. These groups also produced an industry with one of the most profits, and started a full-fledged overseas expansion, according to IDOLOGY. The third generation started in 2011. 1992 Seo Taiji and Boys 1993 Deux 1994 DJ Doc Roo’ra Two Two 1995 R.ef Turbo 1996 Goofy H.O.T. However, others believe that since 3rd generation groups are still dominating, these newer groups can only be considered 3.5th generation at most. They are so cute. But how izone outsold blackpink? Speaking of the 3 rd generation KPop group from SM entertainment and then EXO is at the top of the list. BP is actually FAR behind twice in terms of album sales. g f r i e n d ?.....Blackpink is talented, at beautiful.... All I can say is, mismanaged. 5. member proved to all third generation K-Pop fans that she is the original visual of SM Entertainment. Kings: BTS ?????????????? Corporate K-Pop Giants YG & Big Hit Join Forces, Tokopedia x BLACKPINK : Pretty Savage di #TokopediaWIB​ TV Show 25 Januari 2021, 6 K-Pop Idols Born In 1998 Who Are Close With Each Other, Big Hit Labels "2021 New Year's Eve Live" Raises Concerns From Fans, [2021NYEL] 2021 NEW YEAR'S EVE LIVE Official Trailer 1, Update EP.08 | Watch Web Drama: (Eng Sub) "One Fine Week 2" | Playlist EP.01~EP.08, 3 K-Pop Artists With The Best Voice Under Woollim Entertainment, 9 Web Dramas Starting This December That You Might Want In Your Watchlist, K-Pop Idols Whose Birth Names Sound Like Stage Names To Korean Fans. Twice LITERALLY rules and there's NO doubt about that. © Copyright 2017 KpopStarz.com. Once hates you...really?!!! “Red Flavor”- Red Velvet | SM Entertainment. I respect other kpop fan!?! 2. In this era, the horizon of K-pop is not limited to Korea only but became widely accepted and acknowledged in a wide-range of locations including various countries. Thanks for your feed back tho. Is something is not right? The groups from this third generation are actually very special to me. At the moment, JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE has been crowned as the girl group with the highest album sales, as they have sold over 5 million copies. So came the third generation that truly blasted the K-Pop genre and culture around the world. 4th-gen K-pop eradicated the borders and K-pop became a global genre. In every generation of K-pop groups, there would always be a competition. The song topped various charts, and today, is considered an essential summer bop! No need to spend hours seaching for their official pages. t w i c e Comments. the highest album sales this year so far. About the author. A majority of the groups that debuted in the past 5 years were disbanded or could not make much money, specifically in 2010-2011. The industry is just too saturated with nugu groups all looking and sounding alike that you can't even tell them apart.