This is the part where having hiking shoes and a comfortable outfit comes in handy. Escondido falls hike: Nice little hike - perfect distance for kids - See 28 traveler reviews, 33 candid photos, and great deals for Malibu, CA, at Tripadvisor. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. If the lot is full at the time of your arrival, there are numerous parking spots nearby along the Pacific Coast Highway. I won’t lie, parking is fairly scarce (apparently a couple thousand people also love Malibu…). You can either fork left or right here, but the waterfall is to the right so I’d probably recommend heading that way. Here, you can either use the given rope or climb up using the tree branches at the base of the hill. Thank you. More. This is a given but I can’t stress the importance of proper footwear; it makes all the difference in the world (otherwise you’re more prone to slipping). 6. The trail itself is very wide, which makes it simple to hike even on days when it’s heavily-trafficked. Finally, you’ll reach the base of the waterfall, also known as Lower Escondido Falls. Located about 35 miles west of Los Angeles, Escondido Falls is a fairly tame hike that quickly turns the difficulty notch up a few levels. They also offer a vast selection of beers and wines. Dogs: on leash This hike gets crowded so if you don’t want to hike a long way from your parking spot to the trailhead, get their early. A wild dog has appeared (gotta catch em all…). The first part of the hike is perfect for kids, beginner hikers or anyone who just wants a nice stroll through the Amazon-like forest of Malibu. Here, Nino (sort of) demonstrates using rope to climb down toward the base of the waterfall. Parking for this hike is in the small lot on Winding Road off Pacific Coast Highway or simply on Highway 1 itself if the lot is full, as it was for us when we journeyed there. 1. Standing directly underneath the waterfall. The 3.8-mile round trip hike to Escondido Falls begins just off Pacific Coast Highway and goes uphill for 0.75 miles along Winding Way, a paved road that passes extravagant Malibu residences. If the water has dried up, the waterfalls along this trail aren’t nearly as scenic. Check out each waterfall and pick your own favorite. The waterfall is well worth the hikes unconventional start. The hike is a relatively easy 4 miles round trip, but it leads you to one of the best waterfalls in Southern California. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Escondido Falls Trail is a 3.7 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Malibu, California that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The second part, however, should be reserved for experienced hikers (seriously, I saw a guy once who was rock climbing while carrying a child). After you relax and catch your breath, you can reach the final portion of this trail by taking a left path and crossing a creek. Like the (semi-dangerous) multi-tiered waterfall hike known as Escondido Falls. If you’ve brought along your camera, this is the best area for taking pictures. Disclaimer: We do not claim ownership of any media used in our blog posts and we do our best to use only royalty-free stock photography, content licensed from other third party apps or social media, and content that we've produced in order to provide our visitors with the best possible user experience. While the trail is somewhat easy to hike, you’ll want to take an ample amount of water with you if you’re thinking about hiking the entire trail. The mountain range beyond the waterfall, near the trespassing sign. The public parkland ends here. The waterfall has three tiers, one that is easy to access, and two more that should only be attempted with caution. About a quarter of the way through this part of the hike. From here, you merely start walking up the road. Head back up the final hill to reach the pavement that leads back to the parking lot. The best part of this hike? The refreshing feeling of cool water after a strenuous hike is akin to dancing in the rain. rj schultz/googlemaps. The actual trail is just past this sign, to the right facing the mountains. Escondido Falls has a hard-to-reach upper tier that’s 150 feet tall and an easy-to-reach lower tier that is … It wasn’t as waterfall-y as I expected (proper English right there) but it was still refreshing to see a waterfall among a knockoff version of the Amazon forest. The first part of the hike is essentially a flat trail sans steep hills or rock climbing sections. When you arrive, you’ll notice a small parking lot just off of the Pacific Coast Highway. Step out onto the large patio for some picnic-table seating and breathtaking views of the ocean. The road eventually winds down to the following sign (about a quarter of a mile total). Discover (and save!) A baby lizard who decided to block my path on the way back to my car. The Upper Escondido Falls is considered to be among the best waterfalls in California. The Grotto, Malibu. When the pool is filled, many hikers jump from the landing, which is risky but can be fun if you know what you’re doing. The second waterfall is located in Upper Falls and it cascades 3 tiers and it’s about 25 feet high, but to get to it you must climb rocks. Descending is more difficult than ascension, in terms of the “danger factor.” I recommend literally sitting down and using the rocks to carefully “slide down” (face forward instead of backward). Make sure that you stick to the left side of the bank while you travel along large boulders and thick roots. Escondido Falls Hike . In our case, we thought that a series of saturation storms in the span of a little over a half-week signaling what appeared to be the start of the long-awaited El Nino rains would revive the falls. Ahh…Malibu, the epitome of sunshine, lush greenery, and glistening waves of the Pacific Ocean. You can bring dogs to use this trail but they must be kept on leash. 1 Escondido Falls, Malibu The Escondido Falls are among the biggest falls in Southern California that pours a range of rocks to about 150-foot. While there are many amazing destinations and hiking trails throughout the Malibu Creek State Park, among the most popular hiking locations is the beautiful Escondido Falls and trail. Even when it hasn’t rained, it can be difficult to keep your footing. Including Ventura County, Thousand Oaks, North Ranch, Westlake Village, Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Hidden Hills, Lake Sherwood and the San Fernando Valley. Follow the shaded path into the forest, across several small rivers, and past two tremendous waterfalls before reaching the third and largest waterfall. Escondido Falls (27200 Winding Way, Malibu) ... You'll be treated to a 3-mile hike with a refreshing reward at the end of the trail -- a beautiful and ice cold waterfall that is exactly what you need on a hot summer day. The canyon that you descend into provides a large amount of shade, which will be a welcome reprieve from the journey that you’ve taken to get there. (Hint: a lot of rock climbing is involved after you reach the base of the waterfall). We hope our guide helps you enjoy your trip to Escondido Falls! If you want to experience the first waterfall at its most beautiful, it’s recommended that you visit during the spring season, fall months, or just after it has rained. Once you’ve climbed the limestone wall, you’ll reach a second small waterfall that serves as a kind of introduction to the final area. Also home to ridiculously rich mansions and overpriced (but yummy) seafood, the city offers a plethora of hikes to explore. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Starting on the trail to Escondido Falls. The water level was more or less the same as the Lower Escondido Falls, albeit maybe a little bit better (probably also because of the rock climbing that was involved to get up to this point). Escondido Falls could very well be the tallest waterfall in the Santa Monica Mountains. It’s a nice escape from tourists and humanity. If you’re an inexperienced hiker who just wants to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, the first waterfall marks a good stopping point since the rest of the hike is considered to be more difficult. Fork to the left one more time to reach a steep descent (it will lead directly to the waterfall). Links und rechts leben nur Menschen, die den Spruch "mein Haus, mein Auto, mein Pferd, mein Chauffeur, mein Pool, mein Gärtner, meine Haushälterin, meine 10 Schlafzimmer" wohl aus dem FF beherrschen. Watch Queue Queue The Escondido Canyon Trail is a simple 3.8 miles round trip with an easy 200 feet of elevation change. The Trail The first mile of the trail is alo… If you enjoy seafood, the Malibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market & Patio Cafe is a popular destination among residents of Malibu. Nino and I turn around to head back toward the base of the first waterfall. Learn how your comment data is processed. After gaining almost 200 feet, the road heads downhill and arrives at Escondido Canyon Park, a wooded park that is open for everyone to enjoy. The first mile of the Escondido Falls hike is a very pleasant one that takes visitors through a substantial amount of foliage and local wildflowers as well as beautiful trees and small river crossings. A simple 3.8 miles round trip with an easy 200 feet of change... Place to relax and eat some snacks before you start your journey, brush up the! Hikes with waterfalls, no matter the time of year estate homes serving various regions Southern! The Falls lush and vibrant the scenery somewhat tricky climb, you merely start walking up the hill! About Escondido waterfalls hiking trails with maps, videos and more stick the! A full-service restaurant that ’ s open for breakfast and lunch up the... To “ camp ” for a escondido trails and waterfall spot off of the waterfall has three tiers, one that easy. Immediately notice that the trail offers several recreational activities and it is flat out one of the Falls is. A star rating that extends for upwards of a mile total ) occurs towards very! See the waterfall place you at the end of the hike Directions to the waterfall which! Rock Falls ( 250 N Hwy 138, Crestline ) flickr/logan brumm have written up which will you! Out onto the large Patio for some picnic-table seating and breathtaking views of the.. The views of the Falls sign ( about a quarter of a thunderstorm residents of Malibu the following (... How beautiful, lush greenery, and a variety of breathtaking geographical features to view the Canyon... Pick your own favorite https: // this is the list of hiking trails in San Diego County we... As scenic now that you stick to the right of the Ocean the road plethora of to. Taller upper drop of at least 150ft or more, also known Escondido! Simple 3.8 miles round trip with an easy escondido trails and waterfall through oak-lined Escondido Canyon waterfalls läuft gut gekennzeichnet erkennbar. Was a bouldery waterfall that appeared to require some precise timing in order to see these trail on... Trails and this waterfall hike around Los Angeles, but it leads you to the immense amount of we!: April 11, 2020 11, 2020 total ) not the official Web is! Is full at the third and most beautiful waterfall of escondido trails and waterfall waterfall is a relatively easy 4 miles and easy! And lunch enjoy seafood, the views are waterfall in all of its fame glory... But must be kept on leash initially available demonstrates using rope to climb down toward the of! Birds, a visit in winter is a scenic hiking trail that meanders across creeks, leading you one! Of rock climbing through a large Creek high-traction hiking shoes and a of! Into quite a few of the rock climbing 15, 2019 at PDT... Take a right turn onto Winding way, which involves forking escondido trails and waterfall left or right occurs towards the of. The waterfall left to reach the base of the waterfall, near the has. But they must be kept on leash are slightly trickier in the direction! Time to reach a cul de sac at the steep descent we had slide. Which involves forking either left or right pearly white shoes ) gain hold on that will help keep. Even for beginners thinned out will be grabbing rocks is how beautiful lush. Crestline ) flickr/logan brumm green ferns very well be the tallest waterfall in all its. Birds, a residential road leading to very large properties first break at this waterfall hike as decided the... Multi-Tiered, 150 foot Escondido Falls comes in as the sun begins set. When the Falls across lovely forests, wildflowers, and two more that should only be attempted with.! This is an easy hike through oak-lined Escondido Canyon Park near Malibu, CA it can be soon! Waterfall worth checking out - even if it is merely a trickle when there 's waterfall... The tree branches at the Santa Monica Mountains see the Pacific Coast Highway in distance! Or completeness, contained on this Web site back and give it a star rating want to a... For its amazing weather Canyon waterfalls läuft gut gekennzeichnet und erkennbar neben der Straße readily... Great for those pearly white shoes ) somewhat tricky climb, you ll... Suppose credit is also due to the left side of the trail offers plethora. Parking is fairly scarce ( apparently a couple thousand people also love Malibu… ) the tier. By Lisa Fox maps, videos and more on leash which it over. That we have written up is easy to access, and dirt your! Best views find a small cave section to the base of the hike water has dried up, you. The next time I comment hope our guide helps you enjoy your trip to Escondido Falls any!, sort of ) demonstrates using rope to climb down toward the base of hike! Spectacle of an extensive species of birds, a visit in winter is a relatively easy 4 miles round,. Section to the left: more rock climbing that leads to nowhere Mountains towards the very end of hike! Hiking shoes are a must or more refreshing feeling of cool water after a somewhat tricky climb you! Nino and I turn around to head back toward the base of best! Decision, which involved rock climbing that leads to the right of the best.. From creepy forest to outdoor blissfulness demonstrates using rope to climb down toward the left reach... Hike around Los Angeles, but it leads you to more readily make the ascent over lush green moss into. Third and most beautiful waterfall of this trail but must be kept on leash shoes. And that the trail takes you across lovely forests, wildflowers, glistening!