My pal Jennifer was a perfect match My pal Jennifer was a perfect match. ... One member asked a Papa Pal to accompany her to a wedding, because she didn't want to be a burden on her family. What type of tasks can't be provided by Papa Pals? Our team of Papa Pals facilitate a simple, convenient, and effective healthcare experience. If you have a vehicle (or looking to assist with BOTH on-site & virtual visits)- Provide the following; Driver’s License, Car Insurance, and photos of your vehicle. Founder and CEO. Leadership Team. Alfredo Vaamonde. I've been a Papa Pal for almost a year and I only stayed that long because of the relationships I made with my elderly members. Meet your Papa Pal, and enjoy an amazing experience during your visit… Can I request the same Papa Pal for my visits? * Your Papa Pal can help you: Get to and from the doctor's, the store, the bank and more I won't think twice about calling Papa next time. Our platform enables members to connect with Pals and Papa Docs, seamlessly integrating technology, services, and support for navigating through primary care, … While the company operates mainly in 25 states, candidates can apply from anywhere in the United States and assist virtually with companionship, tech troubleshooting — even three-way phone calls with health insurance companies to ensure members are getting their meds and utilizing their health … Call our 1-800 number or download our app to schedule your visits. Become a Papa Pal Enterprise Virtual Companionship Papa Health. A note from Papa about our response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) ... After the first visit, he knew he had something special to offer other families with the same need. To Learn More: 1-800-348-7951. You may also be contacted by Papa to participate. Another, a former Tour de … Papa Pals are available for virtual phone visits or in-person visits. Become a Papa Pal. To foster deeper connections, members can select the same Papa Pal for each virtual visit or find a pal that speaks their primary language. Enjoy the experience. At Papa, we strive to make the User Experience the best for both our Pals and our Members. Regence is the first health plan in the nation to offer Papa’s virtual program for Medicare Advantage members, as well as the only regional plan to offer this benefit in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Welcome to Papa Health. Scheduling and communicating with Papa was straightforward and staff knew how to practice good customer service. Call Papa directly to schedule a visit at 833.680.5959 (TTY 711) or download the free Papa mobile app. "Whether the member needs to drop off a script, or they need a lab test or they need help with a virtual visit through video, the Papa Pal is able to facilitate that. What services do Papa Pals provide? Hours of Service (Visits/Pals) How much do Papa services cost? Papa Pals can now work remotely via telephone, FaceTime and Zoom calls. If you do not have a vehicle ( or only looking to do virtual visits)- Provide the following; ID Papa provides virtual companionship via phone or video to keep you company while having uplifting conversations on a variety of topics. Can my spouse ride with me in the car? Anytime you call the office they tell you something different. A three-hour (virtual) tour . She put me at ease immediately and felt trustworthy. Here is a list of improved features and bug fixes that will make the Papa App even better: - Enhanced the Virtual Visit process - Fixed issue where "Complete Visit" button was not appearing. Andrew Parker. See all 7 articles