I'm sure your mum would be proud of you I have never had rice porridge in my life but I have heard a lot about it and read in Chinese cookery books. This Teochew dish favoured for its easy-to-digest mildness and help in detoxing the body. 1. Pour eggs into the pan. I think it's a love or hate thing. I know I’ve gone really VERY basic with this, but it is kind of in the Teochew spirit of simplicity, and I’ve already got 3 plates extra to wash. Other related recipes This looks so comforting and amazing. Just stunning. But rather than its better known Cantonese congee cousin, Teochew mui is plain, not flavoured at all by the stock it’s cooked in; and the softened grains are still whole, not broken down completely into a thick creamy jook. Black bean sauce anything is good too especially bitter gourd. Teochew porridge (Chinese: 潮州糜) is a Teochew rice porridge dish often accompanied with various small plates of side dishes. You probably won’t tell the difference unless you’re a fussy rice eater like me, so feel free to use old rice and a tad more water. TEOCHEW PORRIDGE It definitely makes an interesting breakfast! Just fold in half. Pour in 1 litre chicken broth, dried prawn soaking liquid, dried sole powder and 20g pickled vegetable. Pickled vegetable and julienned ginger add that gentle acerbic touch. . Do you cook sometimes rice porridge in chicken stock? Choon Seng Teochew Porridge. Teochew porridge is my after-school lunch – the plain porridge and the Chye Poh Neng…how I miss. Drain and reserve soaking liquid. No beancurd even. Love your photo, I am your new follower . Loving the salted turnip omelette side dish/kick too. The broccoli looks a lovely vibrant green, so fresh. No wonder that I was growing up eating Teochew porridge… less washing is good! Teochew cuisine, unlike Cantonese and Hokkien food, is a less-represented facet of Chinese gastronomy in Singapore. Teochew porridge doesn’t really just refer to that bowl or watery rice, but the whole ‘setup’. Recipe Teochew fish porridge recipe. the chye poh omelette jazzed up with fried squidgy radish cakes) 1/2 cup new crop jasmine rice* Things are still not letting up, things may never let up until I graduate (and become a jobless bum. Hey, I'm not judging, when I was a student in the last century (just!) So what if it's simple, if you enjoyed it and it was comforting to you, that's all that matters. Our light and hearty fish porridge is a great comfort food that’s easy on the tummy, and so simple to make! and thanks hui!! I love porridge, you're right, I actually like all sorts of porridge. If it was more of a thick soup consistency and you can't see the grains at all (i.e. Our light and hearty fish porridge is a great comfort food that’s easy on the tummy, and so simple to make! By Pauline D Loh | Updated 26 Nov 2018 Nothing beats a wholesome bowl fish porridge as the ultimate comfort food. Whereas Cantonese porridge requires a very long cooking time and results in a more liquid-like texture, Teochew-style is quicker to make and has a much firmer texture. hi five for browned omelettes! Can you recommend any good porridge places like you mention in the post? I have to be honest with you tough, until now, I still don't like porridge. The Teochew fish porridge recipe for toddler and the entire family is the ultimate comfort food. Waaah…Chye Poh omelette? Top with garnish and you have just the perfect taste of home, sure to ease and lift the spirit of any starry-eyed or weary warrior around the world! Mind you, I may try this as a change. Thanks for sharing. The Teochews were poor, which was probably how mui came about– you need less rice to fill your bowl with all that water. Deep fry in oil till crispy. 2. I don't always eat well, but my larder is almost always stocked. Stunning. If I am feeling a bit more kinder to myself, I will add in Chao San Si (Spicy Bamboo Shoots) to the mix. boiled rice with cheese and balsamic. Season with ½ tsp fish sauce, ½ tsp corn flour and ¼ tsp white pepper. However, at “ChaoZhou Porridge”, porridge takes on a new life. The meal consists of plain Really? Drain. Bring it to a boil again and add in 350g cooked rice. The Teochew fish porridge recipe for toddler and the entire family is the ultimate comfort food. I wish i had the time to.. Love all kinds of congee – especially baby oyster congee which I last had in a Teochew restaurant in Hong Kong. Don't remind me about sodium intake please…. Steam purple sprouting broccoli till just tender and toss in pinch of salt and fried shallot oil (i.e. YUM YUM. Have not had salted preserved turnip/radish (chai poh) in a long time. It's funny how somethign so boring and comforting to me is totally new to you:) liek how some of the 'classic' stuff you do is totally new to me! My life is not complete. Ingredients: 600g pomfret (filleted) ½ tsp plus 1 tbsp fish sauce ½ tsp corn flour ¼ tsp white pepper. Depending on the cuisine, the liquid may be broth or just water. It’s like having Spanish tapas, the Chinese Teochew way! I will have to try that green chilli variation one day, sounds yummy! Any type of mild tasting white fish with a fine, smooth texture may be … Aug 10, 2012 - Teochew fish porridge is kinda like fish soup with rice. Teochew Moey or Teochew Rice Porridge is a meal rarely talked about outside of the Teochew and Hokkien (Fujianese) communities although it forms a large part of their everyday food. Doesn’t sound very appetising I know, but this is my ultimate comfort food, especially when I’m ill (or not). As for the steamed and oil-tossed purple sprouting broccoli, to me that’s simply the best way to enjoy the pure taste of a vegetable that’s fresh and in season. Something tells me I would like it… The omelet sounds very complex and delightful. Use a 6 inch pan for a thicker fluffier omelette. Simulation Software & Technology (S2T) Pte Ltd 583 Orchard Road #14-02 Forum The Shopping Mall S(238884), Singapore |w: http://www.simulation.com.sg, you always have the most wonderful pictures xxx. As a teochew, that is exactly how my childhood was like when my grandma made us lunch. I used to enjoy plain boiled rice with a splash of balsamic a little grated cheddar cheese… And thought it was lovely. I would eat it when it's served, but not making it on my own. 900ml water*. See "leftover turkey congee" I love those sort of rice porridge too! Add rice. This ain’t no pale anaemic French omelette, you want it fragrant and browned. There is a shop selling Teochew porridge near my place and it has been around 50 years.. So delicious and warming to the soul.Now I just need to train my husband to like this! I did and I made a mess. I'll send you a nice long email haha. Once the top of the omelette is cooked, it’s done! ^^. Reserve soaking liquid. Fried Carrot Cake (i.e. If I were to do this my mum’s way, a proper meal would involve a light slowcooked soup and 3 dishes, veggie fishy and usually porky. Yum! Weird huh. It is the pièce de résistance, perfected over 10 years of dedicated study. Hi Shu Han! almost as if it's a puree), then that's the Cantonese congee, but if you can still see the grains, it's probably Teochew porridge. This Teochew dish favoured for its easy-to-digest mildness and help in detoxing the body. The chai poh definitely very appetizing and delicious. 3. Whether your posts are an account of your daily life, or an expression of your thoughts, the SMP hopes to find a home for your memories so that it can help build towards an understanding of Singapore. Teochew porridge is the easiest in terms of porridge because you just need to increase the water to rice ratio to 2x compared to cooking rice, but the accompanying dishes are the stars here. CHYE POH OMELETTE Oct 16, 2013 - Teochew Moey or Teochew Rice Porridge is a meal rarely talked about outside of the Teochew and Hokkien (Fujianese) communities although it forms a large part of their everyday food. While high-end restaurants do try to preserve the many dishes that have travelled here from China to Singapore nearly a century ago, it is the humble Teochew porridge (or Teochew muey) that sets a familiar stage for home-cooked fare. I still cook porridge with side dishes where I am living now but they are more homey meals rather than authentic Teochew porridge. Good stuff – thanks so much. 1 cup rolled oats 2 ½ cups water 1 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon white sugar 2 bananas, sliced 1 pinch ground cinnamon ½ cup cold milk The humble bowl of porridge and its accoutrements sit unassumingly on the table, akin to an earnest, honest everyday salary man that usually blends into the background and goes unnoticed. Cod fish can be … Surprisingly, it was once considered bad luck to have porridge on Chinese New Year because it was seen as a food for the poor. Cut the eel into segments, mince the ginger, … I recommend making a simple omelette with chai po (what hawkers add to carrot cake) and stir-fried green vegetables (I picked baby cai xin because it’s super simple to prepare, no cutting required Teochew porridge is therefore one of those things that I do not think of having for a meal of my own. https://snapguide.com/guides/cook-simple-fish-porridge-teochew-style fish sauce Haha I'm sure 2 years later he will be requesting teochew mui for dinner . This complex flavour profile is surprisingly easy to create. The delicate fragrance of the soup is achieved using a simple concoction of sole, shrimp and cuttlefish. Mum insists. Method Hope this will facilitate Teochew who are looking for the recipes. This location is not as well-known as the others on this list but it is … Teochew braised pork, tofu & egg is a fabulous dish to go with rice or porridge. This is my childhood food, believe it or not? Hi Shu Han, I'm spending a few days in Singapore in May. Excellent post in presenting the art of simple food!! Here, I would like to share our … Be sure to use the freshest fish possible for maximum taste. I could feel the connection with your mum/family/home this meal brought you…, Yes! Cod fish like most fish cooks quickly so it is added last. Leftover Turkey Congee (i.e. Weird, guess I just like mushy textures. i've never heard of this… i'm going to have to make it, it looks fascinating and I love being intrigued by food… lovely stuff! wow cheers kelly, very happy I've made you reconsider congee. That said, if I do get a chance to enjoy a Teochew porridge feast, I would be happy to indulge in the side dishes, sans the porridge. thanks yi! Watery porridge sounds a little odd I'll grant you, but this meal sounds perfect to my vegetarian sensibilities. =), YAY if it's a weekend affair, you might even afford to do a few more dishes . I like to poach an egg in mine. I swore last week I’ll make a proper ceremony out of every meal. Steamed Eggs  (updated, now with more tips!) I absolutely love it! Hi Shu Han, I sure love your teo chew porridge. All blogs pledged to SMP will archived using NLB’s web harvesting software, in addition to images of each blog’s landing page. This is basic really, the whole meal comes together in 20 minutes! INTRODUCTION This is a special compilation for all the Teochew or Chaozhou (潮州)dialect cuisines that I have issued recipe in this blog. Nah this is a treat, I usually only have plain porridge with soy sauce. *I got the ratios from kitchen tigress, though I usually just eyeball now. I'm greedy. Nah don't worry too much about it being " authentic" ! thanks dom! 2. I’m going to sit down (at a table, not a desk) and eat with a fork and spoon (or chopsticks). Contributors to this blog pledging initiative will be listed on Singapore Memory portal’s blog pledging webpage. Thanks norma, I think the best way to prepare vegetables fresh from the garden/market is just to steam it and dress it . One pot/bowl meal are the best. Heat up 2 tbsp oil, fry chopped dried prawns and dried cuttlefish strips until fragrant. baby oyster congee? it is after all essentially meant to be a homey simple meal, and if that's what you did with your porridge and side dishes, it sounds perfect to me ! All three are readily available in canned form. Please click on the blue colour link or the picture to go to […] Top with garnish and you have just the perfect taste of home, sure to ease and lift the spirit of any starry-eyed or weary warrior around the world. While the Cantonese style of porridge is akin to a thick and creamy gravy with thin slivers of meat or spares, the Teochew style sees a clear broth with nicely separated rice kernels – often cooked al-dente, or “just about right” – and glorious chunks of fish. The list will be updated as and when required. By pledging your blog to SMP, you are affirming that every memory matters. We do, that sort of congee is more typical of the Hong Kong Cantonese style congee. little bit of (1/4 tsp?) Try this recipe today. THE VEG Actually porridge with pickeld lettuce is what my mum would feed us as kids whenever we have an upset stomach. Bring water to a boil. This is rice porridge by the way, not oats. Love your trimmings too! Nothing like a good fish porridge that you can whip up without fuss at … WOW aaron you win. We have something similar in Indian cooking but mothers only whip out when were sick!Great looking dinner, I am loving the broccoli too. You amazing lady, definitely, go ahead and cook a spread! Haha. Don’t judge the lack of salted eggs, steamed fish, or soy-braised pork. Teochew porridge is served as a banquet of meats, fish egg, and vegetables that is eaten with plain rice porridge. While the Cantonese style of porridge is akin to a thick and creamy gravy with thin slivers of meat or spares, the Teochew style sees a clear broth with nicely separated rice kernels – often cooked al-dente, or “just about right” – and glorious chunks of fish. 3. yum yum…. 2 cloves garlic, chopped The rice is usually cooked till the grains break down. PORRIDGE Rice is cooked until soft and the grains disintegrate into a thick, starchy consistency, which is then served in the same cooking liquid. I LOVE congee! Oct 20, 2014 - Teochew porridge is a staple dish from the Teochew region in southern China. Here we’ve put together a recipe which combines wholesome ingredients in a light summery broth, infused with several layers of flavour, and accompanied by mouthwateringly tender flakes of white pomfret in a light crispy batter. It’s especially refreshing after a bite of something salty; two scoops of porridge to mellow and wash the intense flavours down. hey katy! Both I love though , teochew porridge is not something i grew up on.. i prefer the cantonese congee, nice and thick ^^ but you sure know how to make watery porridge exciting! Plain congee + salty side dishes used to be the way of my life when I grew up. Best 'bland' food ever. I'm such an asian. And that was it, I’m afraid, Teochew porridge for one rather broke and time-starved student. Place rice into a container and cover with several inches of cool water; let soak 8 hours to overnight. , Thanks caz! Drain. without toppings), or include sweet potatoes. Must get some next time I am at the Asian market.Love how you prepare the broccoli, best way. wow jealous! Ingredients I love the idea of rice porridge paired with salty flavours. Rinse rice twice. Eel and Scallop Teochew Porridge. My parents LOVE LOVE LOVE it…but somehow, I can't seem to enjoy it. Pickled vegetable and julienned ginger add that gentle acerbic touch. If you have a Panasonic rice cooker with a congee/porridge setting then the end result, if you follow the cooking instructions, is Teochew porridge. Haha I just need to get over my own lazy arse . The rice water is my favourite part though, wonderfully bland but with the light sweet taste and scent of the grains. Cut the bones the same size as the fillets. I actually do that a lot! Must I? This looks like a healthy and satisfying meal and as ever I have learned something from you! I will always have lots of side dishes to go along with the plain porridge. Thanks Zo! The delicate fragrance of the soup is achieved using a simple concoction of sole, shrimp and cuttlefish. I’ve hardly had a meal like this since I’m on my own; it’s always something one-pot or one-bowl, or one-hand. The Singapore Memory Project (SMP) is a national initiative to collect, preserve and provide access to Singapore’s knowledge materials. It may be simply prepared plain (i.e. You eat your omelette like I do, brown and fluffy, except I like mine with fresh green chillies, but your radish one sounds delightful. I love porridge, I bet every culture that eats rice has a version of this, it's just so wonderfully light and comforting , loved teochew porridge. Love the omelet – nice combo of flavors. It assumes a starring role. Fillet white pomfret into squares. Let set for a while to brown. Hi Shu Han, gorgeous blog u have here! Chop it coarsely. And like all good asian meals, some kind of veg; I’ve gone for some purple sprouting broccoli from the farmer’s market, simply steamed and dressed in fried shallot oil. Hi Shuhan, simple maybe, but it looks great. I love my porridge (left to stand for a while so that it becomes a bit more starchy than watery) with just pickled lettuce and salted/fermented soya beans or black beans. Use about 600ml water to the first 1/4 cup of rice, and then add another 250-350ml plus minus for each additional 1/4 cup. Set aside half of it in pieces and the other half, ground it to powder form. Front your description of both the dish, and what is served with it, I'm inclined to think it was Teochow. You're teochew? 5. Now, the humble porridge is something many of us look forward to as a yummy relief to break up those indulgent meals. Here is a Teochew-style fish porridge using cooked rice that comes with a firm texture. Continue to boil over medium high heat till cooked and the water turns starchy. http://servicefromheart.blogspot.sg/2014/02/easy-porridge-recipe-using-rice-cooker.html. The ultimate comfort meal and I always cook this when I'm under the weather. Sweet potato would make this even more frugal . Porridge places in Singapore often come with a gazillion side dishes to choose from, but the most basic must-have is chai poh omelette, fluffy eggs fried with salted turnip. that plain congee with eggs is a staple here haha, I don't even bother frying sometimes, I just poach it straight into the congee, then drizzle soy sauce over. Will definitely be making this. Over high heat, fry the preserved radish and grated carrot with the garlic in 1 tbsp of oil/lard, till dry and fragrant (respectively). I usually go on to make congee by finishing the Teochew one from the rice cooker in a saucepan. I can't believe you think this is basic! There's something about good plain white rice that's just unbeatable cooked that way. Nothing like a good fish porridge that you can whip up without fuss at home. We are looking forward to your contribution. Chai Po Omelette is definitely a must and I also must have the pickled lettuce. 350g cooked long grain rice (jasmine rice). Cod fish porridge recipe. See more ideas about asian recipes, recipes, food. But I actually love the visual feast of seeing a few plates laid out, and I absolutely relish the whole ceremony of having to pick at food from different plates. You've got me intrigued! Hi Shu Han, Thank you for sharing your recipe. DM me your address over twitter? sometimes I really just crave something simple. The best way to describe it, is probably…watery rice. Love the look of this dish and it has made me wonder whether – when I was on a long train journey (48 hours) from Beijing to Lhasa – they served Teochow or Congee for breakfast. serves 1-2 (depends how many sides you have) Most people eat it as a one-bowl meal. 2 large free range eggs The caramelised soya sauce infused with spices such as galangal, star anise, white pepper corns and cinnamon stick gives this dish the fragrant taste that makes it stand out from other dishes.It is great as a dish when you have friends over for dinner as it can be a centerpiece alongside other side dishes. heh I'm that lazy with doing the dishes. The meal consists of plain rice porridge or congee eaten with an array of dishes and condiments. there actually are quite a handful of good stalls to check out. after lots of feasting), I will crave for soupy, comfort food like porridge or noodles soup – and my mom’s super easy pork porridge is just … I love both actually! just love, love, love your pics, shu han! New rice will cook up much faster into a stickier starchier porridge. On behalf of the National Library Board (NLB), we would like to invite you to pledge your blog to the Singapore Memory Project as part of efforts to collect memories that are already manifested in existing online channels. It's made by boiling rice in water till it's soft. 2 heaped tbsp salted preserved turnip/radish (I love chai poh) If you are keen to pledge your blog to SMP, simply fill up our response form at this following URL: http://singaporememory.simulation.com.sg/Public/Pledge. I still do (shhhh). For us, poor means porridge with a square of fermented red beancurd and some dark soy sauce…..so frivolous! And no I'm hardly going to judge your sodium intake. The chye poh omelette may not look as pristine and delicate as its French counterpart, but it’s exactly how I like my omelettes, browned and fragrant on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, and in this case, spiked with random bits of salty umami from the preserved radish. I have no problem in the cooking part, but I always think of the after-map of cooking. Simple and exactly how I love my teochew porridge. Teochew-style Fish Porridge. 2 tbsp groundnut oil or lard from happy pigs Mummy I Can Cook | Teochew Porridge and The Basics, post-template-default,single,single-post,postid-257,single-format-standard,ajax_fade,page_not_loaded,,qode-title-hidden,qode-content-sidebar-responsive,qode-theme-ver-13.3,qode-theme-bridge,disabled_footer_bottom,wpb-js-composer js-comp-ver-5.4.5,vc_responsive, http://singaporememory.simulation.com.sg/Public/Pledge, http://servicefromheart.blogspot.sg/2014/02/easy-porridge-recipe-using-rice-cooker.html, Simplified Nonya Achar (Peranakan Spicy Pickled Vegetables), Bak Chor Mee, Singaporean dry-tossed noodles, “Tut-tut-Satay!” Singapore Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce, Sambal Tumis- Very Important Belachan Chilli Paste. When it comes to a boil, add in the white pomfret and 20g julienned ginger. I'd be satisfied. Using scissors, cut it into thin strip. Somehow it inspired me to prepare a porridge using rice cooker. Nothing like a good fish porridge that you can whip up without fuss at home. Lor Ark (Braised Duck) A dish that I feel happiest introducing to those new to Teochew cuisine is lor … It’s plain of course, hence you have this with side dishes that are often very salty. Nov 29, 2020 - Explore Magdalene Yip's board "Teochew Porridge Dishes", followed by 134 people on Pinterest. Why have I not tried this before? My dad used to post it to me when I was at uni. Ingredients 20 g dried prawns, rinse and soak in just enough water for at least 10 minutes; 10 g dried squid, (quill discarded using scissors cut crosswise 3 cm long, then lengthwise into thin strips; rinse and soak in just enough water to cover till soft, 30 mins); 200 g fish fillet, rinse and slice bite size; mix evenly with 1 teaspoon light soy sauce and 1/2 teaspoon cornflour Teochew porridge, for the uninitiated, is probably quite queer. the Cantonese porridge cousin). Rice is my ultimate comfort food. *New crop rice is freshly harvested that year. You have been the only person to tempt me to make congee. Reduce heat to medium and keep nudging the cooked edges into the middle and tip the pan to let the uncooked egg flow to the sides. Best comfort food in the world. I really enjoyed it, a great way – with an egg and something salty, to start the day. Remove quill at the back of the dried cuttlefish. And I've never met a porridge that I didn't like – this looks great. Give it a gentle stir to separate the rice grains. 2 tbsp grated carrot (optional. You and your posh tastebuds! You can tell this simply: the (current) year will be announced proudly on a shiny label on the bag. It's a lovely mix of colours as well as flavours. serves 1-2 As for the porridge, it has rice in it, I like it. I must stop making my staple salt and pepper version one day and try your Asian seasonings instead. You eat better than I did when I was a student. This complex flavour profile is surprisingly easy to create. It's very hard work, But this content make my work very easy….Feelings haPpY. Method I still miss this simple yet satisfying combination and from time to time I also make a plain congee with fried eggs for breakfast/lunch. Whenever I’m feeling under the weather or in a recovery mode (i.e. Surprisingly, it was once considered bad luck to have porridge on Chinese New Year because it was seen as a food for the poor. Beat eggs with fish sauce and a bit of water/ wine to loosen it up. Even the western oatmeal porridge. What a nice, simple meal! MUAY A colloquial term for Teochew porridge, muay is as simple as it gets – jasmine rice cooked in water for 20-30min. It was originally peasant food after all. You may or may not choose to flip it to brown the other side. Soak in hot water for 5 minutes. ChaoZhou Porriage’sRead More Steamed Whole Sea Bream This Singapore Teochew-style rice porridge (congee / jook) is a little different to the more common Cantonese version. I remember a (rather bleak) time when I had *literally* nothing left in my cupboard except a large tin of green beans and half a jar of green olives. Green bean and green olives salad….? I love their every dishes , simple and yummy , and totally difference from what you have here., next time I try to imitate and cook a spread of Teochew side dishes like that restaurant !.